Friday, August 19, 2005

I have fikad, officially.

Day one on the bloggig scene and all I have is rants and more.

What' s with Standard and their subscriber crap. $54 for three months is way too much. Someone obviously misunderstands the exchange rate.

So what that Kenyans are running for Qatar. Isn't it overrated the whole patriotism crappiola. Ever notice the most patriotic people are outside looking in.
Ask the American soldiers and the families of the Kenyan atheletes what patriotism has given them. death and poverty in that order.

In all our dislike of the Naijas, they have done quite well for themselves, and I need not elaborate on this.

So I came to America and discovered I was broke.
Got a job, bought a TV, a couch, a bed and a car(from Mathenge)
Got a raise, got cable, a living room set and a bedroom set
Got another raise, got HBO, DSL and financed a car.
Now I am broke and school fees is due, but my prioritie are straight.

If ever there was a phrase I wish never existed its the 'There's no Hurry in Africa'
Ask any kenyan, the shit that comes with living in accordance with this statement.

I am all for weddings and marriage but I truly feel if I chip into the wedding then I should get a share of the conjugal rights.
That's how it works in politics and look how far we have come.

BTW , I live in Houston and its hot as hell, but then again Kitengela was Dusty as hell hence my next destination is definately not hell.